Does your storefront logo look like this?Artboard 1

Can’t afford to draw away customers further?

Tired of your small business or project not looking itself?

Need some way to spark up business?

Hi, I’m Jefferson.

I’m the lead (and currently sole) designer of Saberdog Productions, living in Albuquerque, NM. ┬áSomething I see a lot with many small business around here is a lack of visual personality – usually because they don’t have the money to pay for an upscale pretentious graphic artist to make the text on their sign a better font.

But what if: instead of paying too much for nothing, you make your business more valuable?

With top-notch design, 4K video, digital signage solutions, a stunning website, and anything else your business needs to look sharp, we have it here!

See what we can do for you.

We offer a customizable package including any of the following:

  • Logo Design – the apex of your look
  • Branding Design – how your look appears on advertisements
  • Web Design – customized for your needs and presented like your look
  • Print Design – flyers to stationary to newspapers with your look on it
  • Video Editing* – From music videos to video transfers
  • Advertisement Space – discounted rates & payment plans from local news magazine The Corridor to theaters or on the Rail Runner

*Our camera needs replacement, but soon we will offer event and promotional video production from pre-production to final cut.

 Contact Us

To get started on your project, call 505-633-5942 or email saberdogproductions@gmail.com.


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  • 2014 mockup for Artist Studio Tour Guide

    2014 mockup for Artist Studio Tour Guide

  • Map for Artist Studio Tour Guide 2015

    Map for Artist Studio Tour Guide 2015

  • Cover page for July edition of The Corridor

    Cover page for July edition of The Corridor